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About Devin


Devin is a USDF Bronze medalist specializing in starting young horses both under saddle and in carriage.  Most of Devin's equestrian career has been spent riding behind the scenes and learning and refining her riding and training.  She has learned most of her riding, horsemanship and training from her aunt Kim Gosselin.  Devin still prioritizes education by participating in clinics throughout Massachusetts.  Competing has not been as important as training in the past, but we see many more competitions in the future!

dressage test


  • 2016 USDF bronze medal earned

  • 2016 USEF region 16 half-arabian third level HOTY champion

  • 2014 USDF second level rider performance award earned

  • 2014 USEF region 16 half-arabian second level HOTY champion

  • 2014 AHA region 16 top 5 second level

  • 2014 USDF first level rider performance award earned

  • 2013 USEF region 16 half-arabian first level HOTY champion

  • 2013 AHA region 16 first level champion

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