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Clinics and Off-Farm Lessons

Clinics include 4-8 sessions that are 45-60 minutes in length.  Private rides are preferred but semiprivate rides are also an option.  Pricing for clinics may vary depending on travel distance.  If you would like to organize a clinic, please contact us for more information.


Devin is also available for off-farm lessons with limited availability.  Pricing may vary depending on travel distance.  Please contact us for more information.

dressage lesson

*Lesson slots are becoming available!  Please text to be added to the schedule or to be added to the waitlist, which is finally getting smaller (I'm almost at the end!).  If you are on the waitlist and have not heard from me, please don't be afraid to send a text and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates or last minute lesson slots available first come first serve - Devin (updated 1/3/23)*


Devin teaches riders and drivers of all ages and abilities.  We are one of very few farms in the area that teach children with a strong foundation in dressage which can help riders of all ages succeed in their chosen discipline.  Each lesson is tailored specifically to each individual student helping to ensure that each lesson is positive, works toward rider goals, and contributes to the riders understanding of the horse's biomechanics and effectiveness of rider aids.


We have a few great school horses that are available for lessons but those that own their own horse are encouraged to trailer in for their lessons to help strengthen the communication and bond between the specific horse and rider team. 

On-Farm Prices

Private Lessons

45-minutes - $60

Semi-Private Lessons (available under limited circumstances)

1 hour - $50 per rider

Group Lesson (available under limited circumstances)

1 hour - $40 per rider (max 4 riders)


Horsemanship Lessons and Night Lectures

New for 2023!  Horsemanship Lessons will be scheduled for one Saturday afternoon per month.  Classes will be available to all, topics will be posted on our Facebook page before sign up.

-$25 for current weekly scheduled clients and boarders

-$35 for all others

Night Lectures are also coming soon!

Meet the School Horses


Kris is a belgian/quarter horse cross who has quickly become a barn favorite.  Kris may be a big horse but she absolutely loves kids.  She is perfect for beginner riders and is great for helping anyone learn a correct leg position.  Although Kris loves being a beginner rider's horse, she is also great for intermediate and advanced riders as well.  She is beginning to learn some second level work but has potential for much more.

Kris is also available for on-farm half lease to students in the lesson program.

dressage lesson
horseback riding lesson
horse show


Roanin is a miniature horse who absolutely loves his job!  This adorable horse has taught many Stonebrook students, kids and adults alike, how to drive and explore a part of the equestrian world that not many people get to experience.  Driving is a great way for older adults to continue working with horses if they no longer have the ability to ride and it can also be a great second career for horses.  Roanin is perfect for riders who lack feel in the reins as he teaches them to stay soft and light especially through turning.  He is also great for kids learning to steer without needing to focus on balance while riding.

carriage driving
carriage driving
miniature horse


Rosie is the newest addition to the riding school.  She is a coming 7 year old quarter pony who loves attention!  She is nicknamed NosyRosie by many that visit the farm!  Rosie loves kids and is coming along beautifully as a children's dressage pony.  Rosie is still in training but is also ready for lessons with intermediate riders.  She is also beginning some beginner lessons while on a longe line.  We are excited to see what the future holds for this pony!



Sparky is a morab gelding who was trained and competed trough 3rd level with Devin.  He is a very sensitive horse who is great for teaching riders to ride from their seat and leg instead of hand.  He is also great at teaching riders about staying free from tension as he makes it quite obvious when the rider is carrying tension.  Because of all of these little quirks, he is available to intermediate to advanced riders who are ready to learn about lateral work and collection as well as those interested in earning their USDF bronze medal.  Sparky is also ideal for driving lessons with more experienced or adult drivers.


In Memory of Sam

Sam was an older school horse that passed away in January 2020.  He won the hearts of so many riders and will always be remembered as on of the sweetest horses in the barn.  He will forever be missed.  This was his bio, very Sam.  Always cuddling!

Sam is a morgan/thoroughbred cross perfect for intermediate to advanced riders.  Sam loves cuddling and is always happy to be groomed!  Sam is great for riders just learning to canter but is also schooled through many second level movements so many riders get to learn lateral work on him as well.  He has been a wonderful addition to the Stonebrook family.

horse napping
happy horse happy dog
horseback riding lesson
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