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At Stonebrook Farm, we believe that each horse is an individual and there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to training.  Devin evaluates each horse brought into training and customizes a training program to suit the needs of the horse (personality, temperament, strength etc.) and the goals of the rider/owner.  

Each horse is trained with classical methods in mind, based on clear communication to facilitate a healthy mind and proper physical development to help the horse move easily under a rider.  

dresssage training young horse
dressage test

Devin specializes in starting young horses both to ride and drive.  Each young horse is started systematically to help transition into each step seamlessly and as stress free as possible.  Devin's system may take longer in some horses than others, but to help keep the horses interested and enjoy their work, patience is of the utmost importance.   In this way each horse builds confidence and trust in the rider that lasts for years to come.

This approach is also carried through the levels as the horse builds muscle and strength to carry through movements.  It is important that the horse feels as though the work is easy to maintain elasticity in the movements and lightness in the bridle.

These same fundamentals are applied to driving horses as well.

Training Prices

Training includes 30-60 minute sessions 4-6 days per week for horses in full training and 3 days for horses in half training.  This depends greatly on the horse's age, physical development, and temperament.

Full Training (includes full board)

-$1350 per month

Half Training (includes full board)

-$1050 per month

Single training rides

-$70 per ride

carriage driving training
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young horse training
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